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Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Well, let me word that a little differently. Who doesn’t love free Young Living products that you have a tendency to drool over? Yep, that’s what I thought. Not a single person, nada, nobody, can’t find them. Since we have agreed that you LOVE free Young Living products, you DO NOT want to miss out on the August Promotion. Check it out below. OH MY WORD, I hope you are sitting down because you are going to get weak in the knees.

Ummmm, HELLO. Let’s chat about the AWESOMENESS of these items.



I mean COME ON. Who doesn’t need clarity? If you didn’t raise your hand after reading this question, then this PROVES you need you a bottle. (insert dramatic eye roll).


Enough said. The smell of bergamot equates to happy in a bottle. Trust me, when you get this little bottle of goodness, break it open and just inhale DEEPLY. You will thank me.


Holy Guacamole! (See what I did there???) I crack myself up. I DARE YOU to diffuse this throughout your house. It’s summer in a bottle and we ALL need to enjoy this last month of summer by smelling it 24/7. Right? Right. Glad you agreed with me.

thieves-hand-purifierThieves Hand Purifier

Well duh, who doesn’t want purified hands? Exactly. EWWWWWW, to all those who didn’t raise their hands and want UNpurified hands. Actually, thanks for keeping your UNpurified hands to yourself. I kid, I kid. Well kind of not.

breathe-againBreathe Again

Let’s face it. Breathing is always a good thing. I probably don’t need to expound on that much to convince you. This roll on is FANTASTIC for supporting a healthy respiratory system. High five!

deep-reliefDeep Relief

A complete no brainer. This roll on is such a hot item that Young Living has limited the amount you can purchase each month. So this is a TOTALLY good reason for snatching one up for FREE. Shhhh, please don’t inform YL that they are giving away something for free that they have limited. Ok? Just roll with it. (There I go again cracking myself up…get it…roll with it…roll on???)

So there you have it. Make sure to look over the graphic to see what you get for free when you reach each PV milestone. Remember that this is for the month of August 2016 and it’s when you reach these PV amounts in one single order. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, spend 300PV this month so you don’t miss out on all this goodness. Friends don’t let friends miss promotions. I’m nice like that.





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