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Welcome back to part four of our review of the KidScents product line! For our new website visitors, make sure you read our blog posts, especially the first three parts of this blog series. A common problem with kids is tooth decay. Many children develop cavities due to a lack of daily teeth brushing. Food […]

Let’s talk about KidScents Lotion and Tender Tush… Your children’s skin can be very sensitive and chemicals can easily harm them. As a parent, you want to know the ingredients of the products that you are going to buy, especially those you’ll be applying to your children. Products that contains harmful chemicals can irritate and […]

I’m often asked…should my kids take vitamins?  What type of supplements should I be using?  How can you tell which are the best? Let’s face it.  Kids are picky eaters and of course, fruits and veggies are not on the list. If it is difficult for you to convince your child to eat healthy foods, […]

Where will you be on April 7? Live Your Passion 2018 is almost here!  If you haven’t attended a Live Your Passion rally, you really should!  This is one of Young Living’s fastest growing events, with over 100,000 people attending rallies all across the United States.  It is a great place for business training, product […]

This post is the first part of the new blog series that you don’t want to miss! Let’s talk about KidScents! Keeping your kids clean is very important, but some parents are having a hard time because their children hate bath time. If you are one of those parents who spend forever convincing their kids […]

The experience of having a new baby is priceless. From sleepless nights to unforgettable moments, a new baby brings a lot of beautiful memories. Babies are a gift and they need extra gentle care. Parents want to make sure that their baby is comfortable and free from irritation and skin rashes, but common rash treatment […]

Congratulations to new parents everywhere! A new baby bring excitement and happiness, along with a lot of responsibilities. One of the best ways to keep your baby safe is to check all the products that you buy. You need to make sure they are not only for babies, but are also safe and formulated using […]

When it comes to essential oils, Young Living is the world’s leader. The company makes products that are high quality and known to be some of the most authentic oils worldwide. For more than 20 years, Young Living has continued to grow with a reputation of excellence. Young Living has launched a new line called […]

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Well, let me word that a little differently. Who doesn’t love free Young Living products that you have a tendency to drool over? Yep, that’s what I thought. Not a single person, nada, nobody, can’t find them. Since we have agreed that you LOVE free Young Living products, you DO […]

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