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School may be getting ready to start but summer is still hot with these great promotions from Young Living! Let’s check them out! 100 PV (Essential Rewards Order Only) Receive an Essential Rewards exclusive gift of a 5ml bottle of Spearmint, a $14.47 value. 190 PV (Standard Order and Essential Rewards Order) Receive a 15ml bottle […]

In case you can’t tell from my other posts, I am a huge fan of KidScents by Young Living!  They’ve taken all of the guesswork out of which oils are best for kids by creating a line of products made especially for them! In this post, I am going to talk about 3 must-have oils […]

What’s hotter than a long July day?  Young Living’s July Promo, of course! This month, Young Living has a promotion that includes several awesome products to help you enjoy all that summer has to offer.  This promotion starts on Essential Rewards orders with as little as 100 PV and on standard orders with as little […]

Father’s Day is fast approaching!  How will you celebrate the dads and granddads in your life? So many men are hard to buy for.  Tools, they got them.  Electronics, check.  What about Young Living?  Of course! Men love Young Living products!  Maybe the men in your life already have a favorite.  Maybe they just need […]

Summer…warm weather, long days, vacation, lemonade, and Roman Chamomile. Roman Chamomile?  That’s right!  In June, Young Living is offering a great promotion providing free essential oils on Essential Rewards orders with as little as 100 PV and standard orders with as little as 190 PV.  Place an order of 400 PV or higher and you […]

Today is a day that I would like to pause and express my gratitude for all those that have served to protect our freedoms and our liberty.  Today is a day to remember those that paid the ultimate price, giving their lives for our freedom. These sacrifices give us the ability to live in a […]

Welcome back to part four of our review of the KidScents product line! For our new website visitors, make sure you read our blog posts, especially the first three parts of this blog series. A common problem with kids is tooth decay. Many children develop cavities due to a lack of daily teeth brushing. Food […]

Let’s talk about KidScents Lotion and Tender Tush… Your children’s skin can be very sensitive and chemicals can easily harm them. As a parent, you want to know the ingredients of the products that you are going to buy, especially those you’ll be applying to your children. Products that contains harmful chemicals can irritate and […]

I’m often asked…should my kids take vitamins?  What type of supplements should I be using?  How can you tell which are the best? Let’s face it.  Kids are picky eaters and of course, fruits and veggies are not on the list. If it is difficult for you to convince your child to eat healthy foods, […]

Where will you be on April 7? Live Your Passion 2018 is almost here!  If you haven’t attended a Live Your Passion rally, you really should!  This is one of Young Living’s fastest growing events, with over 100,000 people attending rallies all across the United States.  It is a great place for business training, product […]

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